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Vertical Blinds are a classic and popular blind for function and versatility, available in a wide selection of fabrics and styles. Many fabrics co-ordinate or match our roller blind collection.

Vertical Blinds

Solar Blinds offer a choice of standard or premium wide bodied system and two louvre widths


Over 200 fabric choices, most in both 89m and 127mm louvres


Pricing steps from our best value fabric to a premium option


Dim-out and black-out fabrics are available


High performance fabrics offer a range of functions including glare reduction, light reflection, stain resistance and fire retardant properties


One Blind (1.2m x 1.2m) - from £95.00

Window/Patio Blinds (1.5m x 2m) - from £120.00

Patio blinds (2m x 2m) - from £145.00


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